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Brianna Gardocki is an independent artist based in Atlanta, GA, and is available to hire for interior and exterior mural work.

She creates custom murals for brick-and-mortar businesses, offices, food halls, restaurants, homes, and more.

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Artist Brianna Gardocki (pictured) painting a mural at Alchemy Wellness

Murals and Large-Scale Art Installations

Thank you for your interest in commissioning a mural. To start a project, please reach out to me for a quote! See examples of my work below.

Alchemy Wellness mural

Read the Case Study Here →

I offer a couple of different options for custom murals:

Hand-Painted Mural (On-Site)

  • Approximately $20-25/sq ft. Cost varies based on mural size and complexity.
  • Travel costs + lift rental (for walls over 15') will be priced into the quote.
  • Outdoor murals can only be painted in warm and dry weather.
  • I use high-quality outdoor paint for all murals, not spray-paint, these exterior paints are rated to survive outdoors and in harsh weather, I do not provide clear-coating services unless requested.
  • Payment plans are available!

Digital Design File

  • Pricing starts at $1000 and increases based on factors such as design complexity, timeline urgency, and total revisions requested.
  • Printing and installation of mural is to be completed by client.
  • A great choice for tighter budgets!

Squidly store mural

Read the Case Study Here →

Projects That Are a Great Fit

  • Animals/Faces/Robots/Outer Space themes
  • Bright/bold colors
  • I paint on brick, stucco, cinder block, wood, drywall, and primed, smooth surfaces

Projects That Aren't For Me

  • Murals which are mostly text (signs)
  • Non-original work
  • Painting on heavily damaged or obstructed walls

All Mural Projects

  • Must have a signed contract and paid deposit of at least 25% before the project begins.
  • If the mural is on-site, an in-person inspection will be required before a quote is provided to determine suitability of the surface.

Ready to get started? Contact me below!

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