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Brianna Gardocki is a skilled and versatile graphic designer helping businesses bring new life to their existing branding through unique and captivating visual storytelling.

She creates designs for branded merchandise, social media and email marketing content, website graphics, and iconography.

The artist Brianna Gardocki is painting a mural of a woman's head.

Branded Merchandise

Brianna Gardocki art

Within my artistic enterprise, I have created an array of products spanning various mediums. Including a collection of t-shirt designs, each meticulously crafted for unique artistic expressions. Additionally, I have created exclusive enamel pins accompanied by greeting cards that evoke sentiment and sophistication, stickers exhibiting vibrant visual elements, and a selection of art prints that reflect my artistic portfolio.

My approach to digital representation involves the creation of mock-ups tailored for each design, thoughtfully optimized across social media platforms and eCommerce channels. These mock-ups are strategically incorporated into engaging social media posts and eCommerce product images within my online storefront. By leveraging these mock-ups, I not only enhance the visual appeal of my offerings but also provide a cohesive and immersive experience for online patrons, fostering a deeper connection with my artistic brand.

Social Media and Web Marketing Materials


EC-Council annually hosts the Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Forum, a specialized event exclusive to Executive CISOs. The graphic design for this distinguished occasion seamlessly integrates cybersecurity, augmented reality, and essential event details. The centerpiece of the design is the incorporation of the event name and date within a digital depiction of the world, symbolizing the global impact and significance of the forum. This thoughtful arrangement transforms the information into an integral and visually compelling element of the overall design. To ensure a consistent presence across various platforms, the graphics were meticulously tailored for all major social media sizes, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

In addition to the main event graphic, subsequent Featured Speaker graphics were created, maintaining a cohesive visual identity that resonates with the overarching theme. This uniformity not only reinforces brand recognition but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the promotional materials.

To further enhance the event's online presence, matching icons were crafted, and specifically designed for utilization on the CISO event page. These icons serve as visual cues, intuitively guiding participants and visitors through the event's digital interface while maintaining alignment with the established graphic identity.

Brianna Gardocki Art

In the context of my art business, I conceptualized and executed a series of year-end graphics for an Instagram carousel post. Recognizing the widespread interest in statistical insights and milestones, particularly during the ubiquitous trend of Spotify Wrapped year-end summaries, I endeavored to provide an overview of my business achievements throughout the year. Within the carousel format, I presented key statistics and milestones that highlighted the growth and accomplishments of my business over the course of the year. This data-driven approach not only serves as a transparent reflection of my business journey but also resonates with customers as they are the driving force behind some of the milestones. 

To enhance the visual appeal and cohesiveness of the post, I judiciously employed elements of design, including color, shape, and font. Each page of the carousel is thoughtfully crafted to maintain a harmonious visual identity, creating a seamless and engaging narrative for viewers. The deliberate use of these design elements contributes to the overall aesthetic of the graphics.

I have also undertaken the creation of numerous featured banner designs for the homepage of my online store. These banners serve as dynamic showcases, strategically spotlighting the latest and most sought-after items within my digital storefront.Among the diverse array of banners crafted, two notable highlights include the banners designed to accentuate the distinct offerings of "Alien Pet Commissions" and a selection of "Valentine's Day Cards." These banners effectively direct the attention of online visitors to my most compelling and relevant products.


Depicted: The New Mexico United Pride Night Poster Designed by Brianna Gardocki

Pride night poster for new mexico united, 2022

Milk poster for focus features 20th anniversary, 2022

Band poster for a show at nowhere bar, 2019


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